In order to improve the performance of our websites, to evaluate their traffic and to optimize their marketing activities, we use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that are stored through a browser on a computer that is viewing a web page. Cookies do not serve and do not allow personally identifying website visitors.


Cookies help, for example:


The purpose of cookies is to make it easier for visitors and users to use websites and to target relevant advertising. By visiting the site you automatically consent to the use of this technology.

We use these basic types of cookies in our website:

Session cookie: are automatically deleted when the site visitor leaves the site and helps them to function properly while they visit the site.

Permanent cookie: are permanently stored and may contain an anonymous identificator of the browser of the site visitor. It should be emphasized that cookies do not identify site visitors as individuals (they do not include names, e-mail addresses or other personal data), they are completely anonymous and identify only access to websites and individual users' behavior. Cookies are primarily used to measure (i.e., cookie identifies repeated visits from the same browser and device) site and ad customization, where the browser customization cookie (see above) allows you to customize the content of the site or a particular user to display a target ad on a website or partner site who use this advertising system.

Marketing cookie: based on a user's behavior on the website, shows ads and offers that are suitable and relevant to that user.


You can set up cookies using a web browser.If you do not agree to collecting a cookie, you can prevent them from collecting by changing your browser settings in the following way:

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